Bird feeders are a fantastic way to lure a delightful assortment of birds into your backyard, transforming it into a lively bird paradise. Though, what happens when uninvited guests – yes, I’m talking about crows – start ruling the roost? Believe me, you’re not alone in this plight.

After noticing my own friendly neighborhood songbirds being pushed aside by these saucy squatters, I decided to do some serious sleuthing. Turns out crows have quite the reputation for nudging other birds away from their customary feeder stops.

But fret not! This article will arm you with effective strategies to gently discourage these black-feathered gatecrashers while ensuring your beloved bird buddies continue having access to their feast.

So buckle up! Together we’re on a mission; reclaiming your bird feeder turf is our ultimate goal!

Key Takeaways

  • Crows can dominate bird feeders, preventing smaller birds from accessing the food.
  • Implementing methods like ultrasonic repellents, loud noises, bird spikes, shiny objects, motion – detector sprinklers, and bird nets can help keep crows away from bird feeders.
  • Maintaining a clean yard by removing potential food sources and trash is important in deterring crows.
  • Scarecrows or lifelike decoys can be used to scare away crows, and attracting owls or hawks can create a threatening environment for them.

The Importance of Keeping Crows Away

Keeping crows away from bird feeders is important for several reasons. It prevents crow dominance at the feeders, reduces the likelihood of damage to the feeders themselves, and allows other bird species to access the food.

Prevents crow dominance at bird feeders

Crows are big birds. They can rule bird feeders and keep smaller birds away. This is not good if you like to see many types of birds at your feeder. Crows eat a lot, too! They can finish the food before other birds get their share.

By scaring crows away, we give all little friends a fair chance at the feast!

Reduces the likelihood of bird feeder damage

When crows visit bird feeders, they can cause damage by breaking or stealing the food. This can be frustrating for birders who want to attract other species of birds to their yards.

By implementing effective methods to keep crows away from bird feeders, such as using scare tactics, installing crow-proof feeders, or creating barriers like netting or guards, you can reduce the chances of your bird feeders being damaged by these crafty birds.

It’s important to remember that taking proactive measures and finding ways to discourage crows from accessing the bird food will help protect your feeders and ensure a more enjoyable experience for other feathered visitors.

Allows other bird species to access the feeders

Having crows dominate bird feeders can be a problem because it prevents other bird species from accessing the feeders. This is not fair, and we want to make sure all birds have an equal chance to enjoy the food.

By keeping crows away, we create a safer and more welcoming environment for different types of birds to visit our yards.

Effective Methods to Keep Crows Away from Bird Feeders

To keep crows away from bird feeders, you can use ultrasonic pest and bird repellent, create loud noises and high sounds, install bird spikes on fences or roof lines, dangle shiny objects in your yard, utilize motion-detector sprinklers, or implement a bird net for protection.

Use of ultrasonic pest and bird repellent

I found that using ultrasonic pest and bird repellent can be an effective method to keep crows away from bird feeders. These devices emit high-frequency sounds that are unpleasant to birds, deterring them from the area.

The sound is inaudible to humans, so it won’t disturb you or your neighbors. By installing these repellents near your bird feeders, you can create a zone that crows will want to avoid.

This is a humane way to discourage crows without causing any harm to them or other wildlife in your yard.

Creating loud noises and high sounds

One effective way to keep crows away from bird feeders is to create loud noises and high sounds. This can scare them away and prevent them from coming back. Here are some methods you can try:

  • Clanging pots and pans together
  • Blowing a whistle or horn
  • Using a air horn
  • Playing loud music or turning on a radio
  • Using a noise – making device like a scarecrow motion sensor
  • Setting up wind chimes near the bird feeders

Installing bird spikes on fences or roof lines

To keep crows away from bird feeders, you can install bird spikes on fences or roof lines. These spikes create an uncomfortable surface for the birds to land on, preventing them from accessing the feeder.

It’s a safe and effective method that doesn’t harm the crows or other birds in any way. By installing these spikes, you can protect your bird feeders and ensure that only the intended species can access the food.

Dangling shiny objects in your yard

To keep crows away from your bird feeders, you can try dangling shiny objects in your yard. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Hang CDs or reflective tape: Attach CDs or strips of reflective tape to tree branches or near the feeders. The sunlight reflecting off these shiny objects can scare away crows.
  2. Use aluminum foil strips: Cut long strips of aluminum foil and tie them to branches around the feeding area. The movement and shine of the foil will deter crows.
  3. Install wind chimes: Hang wind chimes near the bird feeders. The noise they create when the wind blows can be unsettling for crows and discourage them from approaching.
  4. Place a mirror or mirrored surface: Set up a small mirror or reflective surface on a stake near the feeders. The sight of their own reflection may startle crows and make them wary.
  5. Try hanging shiny jewelry or metal objects: String up some old necklaces, bracelets, or other shiny metal items on branches around the feeding area. The glimmering effect can help deter crows.

Utilizing motion-detector sprinklers

Motion-detector sprinklers can be a helpful tool in keeping crows away from your bird feeders. These sprinklers use sensors to detect movement, and when they sense a crow approaching, they spray water at the bird.

The sudden burst of water startles the crows and discourages them from coming back. By using motion-detector sprinklers, you can effectively protect your bird feeders from crow interference without causing any harm to the birds.

It’s a humane and effective method to keep those pesky crows at bay.

Implementing a bird net

To keep crows away from bird feeders, another effective method is to implement a bird net. Bird nets are made of fine, transparent mesh that prevents birds like crows and jackdaws from accessing the feeders.

By placing the netting over or around the bird feeder, you create a barrier that keeps larger birds away while still allowing smaller birds to access the food. Bird nets are easy to install and can be used in various areas of your yard where you have bird feeders.

They provide a humane way to protect your feeders from crow interference and allow other bird species to enjoy the food without competition.

Maintaining a Clean Yard and Garden

Keeping your yard and garden clean is essential in deterring crows from your bird feeders. Removing potential food sources and trash helps prevent these clever birds from being attracted to your outdoor space.

By taking care of the trees where crows roost, you can further discourage them from causing trouble at your bird feeding station. Read on to discover more effective methods for keeping crows away from bird feeders!

Removing potential food sources and trash

To keep crows away from bird feeders, it’s important to remove potential food sources and trash. Here are some ways to do that:

  1. Clean up any spilled birdseed or food around the feeders.
  2. Avoid leaving out pet food or table scraps that can attract crows.
  3. Secure garbage cans with tight – fitting lids to prevent crows from rummaging through them.
  4. Keep compost bins covered or use a secure composting system to eliminate food waste odors.
  5. Dispose of any fallen fruits or nuts in the yard that may tempt crows.

Taking care of trees where crows roost

I make sure to take care of the trees in my yard where crows like to roost. By regularly trimming branches and removing any dead or decaying limbs, I can discourage crows from congregating in those areas.

This helps minimize their presence near my bird feeders and reduces the likelihood of them causing damage. It’s important to keep an eye on the condition of these trees and address any potential issues promptly to maintain a crow-free environment around my feeding stations.

Using Decoys or Crow Predators

To further deter crows from your bird feeders, consider using scarecrows or lifelike decoys in your backyard. You can also attract natural crow predators like owls or hawks to create a more threatening environment for the crows.

Learn how to effectively use these methods and keep those pesky crows away from your bird feeders! Read More.

Scarecrows or lifelike decoys

To keep crows away from bird feeders, you can use scarecrows or lifelike decoys. Placing these near your bird feeders can help scare away the crows. Crows are smart and observant, so having something that looks like a predator can make them think twice about approaching the area.

Scarecrows or lifelike decoys such as plastic owls or turkey replicas can be effective in deterring crows from getting too close to the bird food. So, consider adding some of these deterrents to your backyard to keep those pesky crows away from your bird feeders!

Natural predators like owls or hawks

Owls and hawks are natural predators that can help keep crows away from bird feeders. These birds of prey are fierce hunters and often scare off smaller birds like crows. By having owls or hawks in your area, you create a sense of danger for the crows, making them less likely to approach the bird feeders.

Their presence alone can act as a deterrent, reducing crow dominance at the feeders and giving other bird species a chance to access the food. So, if you’re looking for a natural way to keep crows away from your bird feeders, consider attracting owls or hawks to your yard.


In conclusion, there are several effective methods to keep crows away from bird feeders. Using ultrasonic pest and bird repellents, creating loud noises, installing bird spikes or shiny objects, and utilizing motion-detector sprinklers can all help deter crows.

Maintaining a clean yard, using decoys or crow predators like scarecrows or owls, and putting away potential food sources also contribute to keeping crows at bay. By implementing these strategies, you can create a welcoming space for other bird species while reducing crow dominance and preventing damage to your feeders.


1. What are some effective methods to keep crows away from bird feeders?

There are many strategies to repel crows such as using crow deterrents, scare tactics for crows and pest control for bird feeders.

2. How can I make my backyard less appealing to crows?

You can start by removing or covering potential food sources and tending to any trash that may attract them.

3. Can the type of bird feeder affect crow interference?

Yes! To discourage crows, you can use crowproof bird feeders or place your regular ones inside a hanging basket with small gaps only small birds could fit through.

4. Are there humane ways of keeping crows off the feeders?

Surely! You could use netting for protection and repellents like scare tactics rather than harming them.

5. Is it possible to manage both feeding smaller birds without scaring them away while deterring larger ones like Crows?

Absolutely! It’s about finding balance between preventing disturbance from bigger birds and not frightening the smaller ones who require safe feeding spaces too.

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