About me

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My name is Simon Wills and I’m a history journalist, wildlife photographer and genealogist. This website is dedicated to the beauty and history of the natural world. It’s difficult for me to find time to keep this site updated regularly, but please come back from time to time.

I have a particular interest in birds and will be posting about them sometimes. You can follow me on Twitter @WriterWillsy or you may like to see my Amazon profile. 

I often gives talks to history and genealogy societies, and have written on subjects as diverse as birds, shipping, drugs, trees, and the cheerful subject of the history of death. I work part-time for the NHS as well, as an information specialist. You’re welcome to listen to my free audio talk on birds and folklore.

Reviews of Simon’s books:

If you are interested in birds, and their interactions with people, or more correctly our interactions with them, then this is a book for you. It was a book for me and I learned quite a bit… and found it a pleasure to read.
Mark Avery, natural history writer and environmentalist

I found this book absolutely fascinating and learned things I didn’t know I needed to know. It is packed with photographs and examples, so it is visually a treat. I for one will be keeping a copy of this permanently on my desk as a reference guide.
BBC Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine

An impressive blending of historical fact and great storytelling.
Discover Your History

I’ve had a huge amount of fun reading this book and I’m sure, like me, you won’t be able to resist reading out little snippets to anyone who happens to be at hand… A treat for those with a love of wildlife and history.
Family Tree magazine, Book of the month

The author is well placed to tell the tale of mistrust, worry and strife which followed in the wake of the launching of Poole’s first lifeboat. With accusations of cowardice and genuine acts of heroism, this is a thumping good read.
Dorset Life

“Voyages From the Past” fascinates and entertains while rejuvenating the maritime adventure genre. It is worthy of a spot on your bookshelf alongside the finest adventure thrillers.
The Indy Squadron Dispatch

A hugely welcome guide to the history of sea travel from the passenger’s point of view. Laden with descriptions of adventurous sea travel from the passenger’s viewpoint, ‘Voyages from the Past’ is a must for fans of British sea travel. A well-assembled collection of first-hand accounts of sea voyage and a lovely read for those with seafarers in the family.
Your Family Tree

A fascinating guide to a bygone way of death.
The Guide

This book covers a huge and fascinating subject in a manageable style and clear format. Its major strength is in introducing a range of important historical sources in an accessible way… This is a book that whets the appetite.
Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine